Armchair Boogie, Craig Baumann & The Story, among those announced for Wise Fest 2019

Wise Farm Productions, the group coordinating Wise Fest, announced the lineup for Wise Fest 2019, taking place on Saturday, Sept. 14, at the Walworth County Fairgrounds in Elkhorn.

Wise Fest is the creation of husband and wife local band Wise Jennings (Melissa and Jeff Weishaaar) who hail from northern Wisconsin but now make the town of Lyons their home.  They, along with their good friend Joe Pierce, wanted to do something special for their community that brought together good people, music, for a good cause and thus began Wise Fest 2018.

The lineup includes: Armchair Boogie, Craig Baumann & The Story, Cullah & The Comrades, Dear Karma, Kyle Young Band, Layers & Layers, Michael Castle (Pretty Beggar), Mike Stone Trio, Old Soul Society, Pat Garrett, Party Marty & The Dirtbags, Pidgin, Ronnie Nyles, The Thriftones, Wax Lips, Wise Jennings, and Woodrow.

“If you love music, all kinds of music, original music, and like great surprises, and all for a great cause, you will love Wise Fest,” said Melissa. “Wise Fest finds the diamonds in the rough, the kind of talent y’ou hear and think to yourself ‘why aren’t they a national act, or how is that I have never heard of this band.  No single genre is king at Wise Fest.  We carefully curate a lineup that touches all genres and that celebrates only nice people who are exceptionally creative.  Then, we throw a festival and hand over all proceeds to a charity of our choice.”

This year’s charity is the Walworth County Fairgrounds.

The event is possible because of partners:  Wise Farm Productions, Thrivent Financial, and Black Circle Records.

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Find the Facebook event page here.

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